Whether it’s an easy session or hard, training indoor is a perfect alternative when the weather outside isn’t so pleasant. With the growth of online gaming for cyclists & runners with the likes of Zwift, and gyms expanding to where we can reach them with just a short drive, indoor training is becoming the new outdoor and it’s time we fuelled right for it.

When training indoors it is vital we focus on fuelling with both carbohydrates and electrolytes. Whether it’s a session on the turbo, a run on the treadmill or even just a weight session in the gym, fuelling correctly when training indoors is paramount to maximise your session.

During intense sessions indoors our body depends on carbohydrates to provide it with energy. Without carbohydrates you can often find yourself with little to no energy making us weaker and therefore, doing what we like to call ‘crawling’ round the session. This is why it is vital to keep our carbohydrate intake consistent so our body is always topped up with the energy it needs. The easiest way to do this is by sipping regularly on a carbohydrate based energy drink such as our Surge Energy Powder. Not only will this product keep your body topped up with the carbohydrates it needs, it will refresh and hydrate you keeping you working harder for longer.

Following on from carbohydrates it is just as important to consume electrolytes during intense indoor sessions. At this time of the year when training indoor we tend to sweat way more than when outside. This is usually due to the room temperature being higher than the temperature outside. When sweating we start to lose key salts and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and sodium. When training we need these salts and minerals to help restore balance to prevent our muscles from cramping, and in some cases leading to injury. The easiest way to keep our electrolyte intake constant is by again sipping regularly on an electrolyte based energy drink such as our Surge Energy Powder.

With a blend of both carbohydrates and electrolytes Surge Energy Powder is a perfect product to use when training indoors. Click below to shop the indoor training collection.