Overnight Weetabix


Here is a link to our TikTok video, for some more added support on how we did it!


Low Calories AND High in Protein


  • Weetabix - 3 Weetabix
  • 80ml Chocolate Milk - Other milks can be used
  • 200g of 0% Fat Yoghurt 
  • Chocolate Performance Protein - 2 Scoops
  • Chocolate Sauce - if desired 


  1. Start by placing the Weetabix into a small dish
  2. Crush the Weetabix down into crumbs  
  3. Add in the 80ml of Chocolate milk - or milk alternative 
  4. Mix this mixture up and smooth out
  5. Mix up the 200g of 0% fat yoghurt with 2 scoops of Chocolate Performance Protein until smooth 
  6. Lay the Chocolate Protein mixture on top of the crushed Weetabix 
  7. Smooth this out and top up with Chocolate Sauce
  8. Leave in the fridge overnight and enjoy! 





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