700ml Premium Shaker Bottle
700ml Premium Shaker Bottle Our 700ml N-FUSE Premium Sports Shaker Bottle has an ALL-NEW DESIGN to make it easier than ever to prepare and consume our Performance Protein, post-exercise. Our protein powder is thicker than our energy powder due to...
750ml Bottle
750ml Bottle.  Our 750ml N-FUSE Sports Bottle has been designed for those longer workout sessions when you need to carry more than 500ml of fluid. Our bottle is great for Surge Energy Powder and it also works just as well with...
500ml Bottle
500ml Bottle Our 500ml N-FUSE Bottle has been specifically designed to allow the body to consume the correct amount of fluids before and during exercise. Our bottle is perfect for Surge Energy Powder, which requires 500ml of water per serving. However,...
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